Indonesian market channel partnerships & support services:

P.T. Infracell Nusatama

Established in 1994 as a spin-off activity of the Udinda Group, itself a leading player in Indonesian power and telecommunications sectors, Nusatama provides local market channel partnerships and related support services (strategic, marketing, engineering, logistical) to various leading international telecoms hardware, software and solutions vendors.

As such, Infracell has been actively involved throughout the development of what is now one of the world’s most vibrant wireless markets, working closely with its principals on the supply and deployment of everything from analog cellular in the mid-90s through to the very latest IP-based products and solutions.

In-building coverage solutions

The In-Building Services Division (IBS) of P.T. Infracell Nusatama is a turnkey supplier of in-building wireless distribution networks. With considerable expertise in the RF design, site acquisition, installation, integration and commissioning of in-building systems, both active and passive, IBS has thus far completed over 300 such deployments on behalf of in network operators in Indonesia.

As a complete end-to-end offering, IBS’s scope of work typically includes:

  • Demographic analysis
  • Existing frequency and signal analysis
  • Business case study (if required)
  • RF Design (including detail design)
  • Site Acquisition (SITAC) & permitting
  • Equipment implementation and VSWR testing
  • Walk testing and commissioning
  • Material procurement & supply (CME & shelter)
  • On-site equipment support
  • Project management
  • Post-installation report & documentation
  • Post-installation maintenance/support

P.T. In-Building Connect Solutions (IBCS)

A separate joint-venture between P.T. Infracell Nusatama and the Udinda Group, IBCS was the original pioneer in Indonesia back in 2002 of the concept of a managed in-building platform for multiple operators – basically a Build-Own-Operate model featuring a common, shared in-building distribution sub-network (either ‘active’ or ‘passive’).

The right of access is, in turn, leased to individual operators, who thus avoid the significant CAPEX undertaking of a proprietary in-building distribution sub-network deployment; while at the same time deferring all SITAC costs and other related operational matters to the sub-network owner, IBCS.
The company currently owns and operates 40 such in-building sub-networks in Jakarta. Moreover, a testament to IBCS’s vision and success in this area is the number of ‘copy-cat’ providers that have since sprung up across Indonesia!

Information Technology

World Wide Web Institute (3WI)

Established in 2000, 3WI was Indonesia’s first foreign joint-venture in the field of internet technologies training. Originally formed in partnership with the World Wide Web Institute out of Geneva, Switzerland, 3WI later evolved into a dedicated 3G Technology Training Centre (see below). However, its Filipino joint-venture, 3WIP, incorporated in 2003, has remained focused on internet technology training programs, mostly targeted at the secondary and vocational school sector in the Philippines.

3G Technology Training Center (3GTC)

With the convergence of information and telecommunications technologies, in 2005 Infracell entered into a partnership with technology giant and pioneer of 3G, Qualcomm, for the establishment in Jakarta of a 3G Technology Training Center.

P.T. Orbis Indonesia

A natural spin-off from the group’s 2000 venture into IT, Orbis focuses on content development and other custom-designed web-based applications. It was a national award-winner for its 2004 e-government project for the provincial administration of East Kalimantan. From this project has since evolved a separate joint-venture, P.T. Dokutama which, in partnership with Hewlett Packard, specialises in providing out-sourced e-filing, printing and photo-copying solutions for the corporate sector.