Executive Team

Who we are

Djoko N. Labbaika
Group Chairman & CEO of P.T. Infracell Nusatama
USC educated, Djoko has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the Indonesian telecoms industry.
Ian W. Ingram
COO of the Infracell Group of Companies
Educated at the University of Bath in the UK, Ian was originally assigned to Indonesia in 1986 by British Petroleum, leaving BP in 1990 to embark on a career in telecoms
Sunarya A. Kusnadi
Director & CFO
a key member of the head office team.
Freddy Sutjipto
Director of P.T. Infracell Nusatama
Freddy also has functional authority over IBCS, Dokutama and Infracell’s own in-building networks division (IBS) and IT Division.